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Jul 03, 2008 at 03:43 PM

Using the XSLT processor for non-workbench XSLT


Hi there,

is it possible to use the built-in XSLT processor for arbitrary XSLT transformations which aren't checked in in the ABAP workbench but instead given as a runtime object (string or iXML)?

Instead of the built-in command CALL TRANSFORMATION which according to the doc is restricted to workbench transformations, I am looking for an option like this:

data: lo_transformation type ref to if_ixml_document,
      lo_source         type ref to if_ixml_document,
      lo_target         type ref to if_ixml_focument.
* I get lo_transformation and lo_source from somewhere out there
    lo_target ?= cl_some_fine_class_which_i_am_looking_for=>transform( 
                      io_source         = lo_source
                      io_transformation = lo_transformation ).
  catch cx_xslt_runtime_error.

Does anybody know such a feature?

For a background about this problem - in German language - see my blog

Thanks and Regards,