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Jul 03, 2008 at 03:14 PM

Enhancing 2LIS_02_SCL



I have enhanced 2LIS_02_SCL with EKKO-AEDAT field.

Steps I have done:

1. Since EKKO is a base table for 2LIS_02_SCL extractor, I have added AEDAT as is directly(with out ZZ append to the field) to the MC02M_1SCL communication structure as a append.

2. Activated the extract stucture (with warnings as expected)

Table is not yet classified

Field AEDAT does not lie within customer namespace

Table ZZMC02M_1SCL is used by table MC02M_1SCL as an append structure

List of tables dependent on ZZMC02M_1SCL

Table MC02M_1SCL

Table MC02M_0SCL

Table ZZMC02M_1SCL was checked with warnings

3.Able to see AEDAT field by generating the datasource in RSA6 and also unchecked HIDE mark.

4. Deleted the setuptable and intialised the setuptables after the enhancement is complete

5 Able to see the historical data in RSA3.


Data is not populating for AEDAT field even though data exist in EKKO table for the PO I am able to extract in RSA3.

Please suggest what could go wrong in this scenario.