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Jul 03, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Cost center and activity type: activity pricess diff from cost comp split


Hi Guru,s

I am unable to understand the logic of cost component split behaviour.. Out client activated primary cost component split in OKTZ.

I am facing the error "Cost center 66125, activity type 5280: Actvty price differs fr. cost comp splt" for material 400000010 repeatedly....

Message no. CK687


For cost center 66125/activity type 5280, the activity price calculated for price strategy 1 is different from the corresponding primary cost component split.*

Possible causes:

You are working in Cost Center Accounting with manually-set activity prices that are included in the iterative activity price calculation.*

Rounding error (in this case, notify your system administrator).

System Response

Costing ignores the primary cost component split from Cost Center Accounting, and assigns the costs to the product cost estimate through the allocation cost element of the cost component split.

Can you please give some light on this issue... Since it is very urgent for me to show walkthough for this weekend....