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Tuning HANA for intense queries

Feb 16 at 01:57 PM


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I have a single UPSERT query that can update possibly 300 million records in one table from another table. When I run this, it seems that HANA becomes starved of CPU resources. Is there a way to tune HANA so queries like these can be run without pegging the CPU and other system resources? I know I can batch the query but this significantly adds to the amount of time it takes the query to finish

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1 Answer

Lars Breddemann
Feb 16 at 09:56 PM

OK, so you want HANA not to use up the CPU time but also not take longer than with using the CPU, is that correct?

If so, then it’s time again for the good old GOFAST-hint...

Just kidding. Look, you have provided no information about your system, the table structure, the upsert statement, the HANA version... all we know by now is your storytelling of an UPSERT statement that doesn’t work like you think it should. And that’s just too little information to make any recommendations.

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