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Archiving of non-SAP Database/system using SAP

Feb 16 at 10:57 AM


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Hello Experts,

How can we archive non-sap database/system using SAP? Do we have to use SAP ILM-CDE or any other option also we have? Thanks in advance!



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Jürgen L can you please help here. Thanks!


no I can't help. As this is a SAP community I not sure how a question about non-sap system archiving fits into here.


Jürgen LBut we use SAP ILM CDE for archiving non sap system. right? Similarly I'm asking apart from this do we have any other options to archive this using SAP?


I am very familiar with archiving but I don't know ILM, when I used to archive then ILM had to be purchased with an extra license, and since it is included I am not archiving any more, still ILM is not used, at least I have not heard about it from my successor, who keeps doing the classic archiving.

The wiki says that you can use ILM for non SAP data.

I doubt that there is any other SAP product which could do the same.

I just read a precondition in a SAP presentation: OS/DB must be released for SAP NetWeaver 7.31


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we have to purchase extra license for ILM and we can decommission the non-SAP system not archive. This what I came across after reading wiki/help.

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Dharshan A
Feb 23 at 04:27 PM

Hi Rahul,

ILM CDE supports only SAP systems archiving.

Decommissioning process of Non-SAP ( legacy ) systems are done using SLT and ILM . Use SLT to bring in data into a SAP system. Then use ILM tools like LEW (recommended when using SLT) or CDE to archive the data in the SAP system where data is replicated by SLT and move it to ILM Retention Warehouse.

Thanks and Regards,

Dharshan A

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Gergely Juhasz
Feb 21 at 04:49 PM

Hi Rahul!

Archiving with ADK (Archive Development Kit, Tr. SARA) within SAP System is independent of underlying database.

So if you have an SAP System, You can use ADK to archive data without carying what is the database of the SAP System.

Please check the online help regarding data archiving with ADK within an SAP System:

Best regards


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Thanks for your input.