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EC component to Item Node of Opportunity C4C SDK

Feb 16 at 07:38 AM


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I have created a new custom BO with Item UUID as unique key and added a node in that.

Structure of BO looks like this.

Element ItemUUID

Element ProductID

Element OpportunityID

Node Char

Element Char1

Element Char2

Element Char3

I created a EC for this custom BO and added the header fields and table for the node Char

Linked this with Opportunity BO Item node using Items pane container, assigned the in ports and create an event to create an instance.

Problem is when the instance is created, it just creates one instance, it is not create difference instances for each item, instead one common instance for all items.due to this the node Char will always have values of all items together.

Is this a product limitation or how it can be made to create separate instances for each item ?

Thanks and Regards,


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3 Answers

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Pramodh Patil
Feb 19 at 10:15 PM

Hi Ajith,

I believe, you are creating an instance on custom BO via an event handler fired from an inport.

As you know, the inport is fired only when the EC is loaded. which means inport is fired only once, and hence create is called only once.

Since, the requirement is not clear, I cannot propose an optimal design here. but however if you want to create multiple item nodes.

You need to model custom BO with Root and Item node. Implement a custom action, which will read the opp item information and call creation of item node of custom BO. In EC, inport event handler will first read/create an instance of custom BO and call the BO action.

Thanks & regards


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Deepak Das Feb 23 at 03:16 AM

Hi Ajith,

Is the issue is resolved ?

If yes ,I have a similar kind of requirement in sales quote .

please help me with your email ID.


Deepak Das

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Ajith J Feb 22 at 11:15 AM

Hi Promodh,

I got my solution from below link.

Thanks for your response.


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