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Collective slip printing when document contains multiple line items with different storage location

Feb 15 at 05:35 PM


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Hello All

I have queries as below:

- When we maintain an entry in OMJ4 (Printer determination for Plant/Stor. loc/User group) without specifying any storage location, will the system will consider this entry as generic i.e. for all storage locations of that plant?

- Suppose if we maintain entries only with specific storage locations in OMJ4, and configured the same for printing collective slips. How will the system will behave when we post a document having multiple line items with different storage locations (including the ones which are not configured for printer determination).

For e.g. we have two storage locations A and B in plant 1000, and we have maintained single entry in OMJ4 only for condition type WA03 in plant 1000 and storage location A. Now, when we post a material document (GI) having multiple line items (having storage locations A and B), will system print any collective slip in this case? If yes, then how printer will be determined for storage location B.

Please let me know if this query needs to be explained in more detail.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.



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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Feb 15 at 09:58 PM

And entry without storage location is valid for receipts without storage location, e.g. consumables

If you would look into the IMG instead of using transaction codes, then you could click the documentation button in front of the customizing. This is pretty good documented

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Former Member

Thanks Jürgen.

I checked the documentation but still, I am unsure how the entry without storage location will behave.

For e.g. if we have only one entry maintained for plant 1000 like (without any storage location)

CTyp Plant Stor. loc User group Output device Print immediately

WA03 1000 LP01 X

And, we are posting GI for production order having a component with storage location 'ABC', then will the GI slip be printed for this document, or not? If not, then in which case this entry will be useful?

Sorry for asking questions which can be easily replicated in system, but unfortunately, presently I don't have an SAP system handy.

Appreciate your help.


Anuj Kaloria


No it will not print, since the entry with storage location does not match with the movement which has a storage location .