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Pls solve my doubt in Document Management system.

When the same was seen by pressing F1 key in SAP it was not understandable.

Kindly let me know when we shld Activate & De Activate this indicator with example.

In SPRO- Document Type- DRW

1. Change Docs.

2. Rev.lev.Assgmt.(Where it will be stored)

In SPRO-Document Status-DRW

1. Object Check

2. Release Flag

3. Content Version

4. Check In

5. Complete for ECM

6. Distr.Lock

7. Check In Reqd.

Thanx in adavance.

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3 Answers

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    Posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 08:00 AM

    Dear colleague,

    I have moved your thread to DMS Forum.

    best regards

    Maria Nuñez

    SAP Moderator PP Forum

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    Posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 08:27 AM

    Change Docs:

    if you don't want to change the document with out change number (ECM) set this indicator.

    if it is set, for ever change in document a change number must be maintained or you can not change the document with out change number.


    It get stored in same category

    Object Check

    it checks wheater the object is created in SAP or not.

    it will not allow to create a link to an object which is not available in SAP

    Release Flag

    Document is set to released state. if release flag is checked.

    Content Version

    New version of the content can be created

    Complete for ECM

    if this is set, ECO can be closed in this stage.


    if it is set , Document will be locked for Distribution.

    Check In Reqd.

    if this is set. The attachements in Document info record must be checked-in to the secured storage location

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    Posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 08:51 AM

    Hi Bhanu Prakash,

    1. Object Check : whenever there is an object linking done to any document in DMS, this option if checked,checks whether the object which has been linked really exists in SAP.

    2. Release Flag : if v are using status management/status network in DMS, the status(usually final approval) will use this option checked as once the approver approves the status automatically the indicator sets to green from red which indicates dat the status is released.

    Note: if u r using digital signature then u need to set status type locked along with this indicator set so dat this status after released can not be able to change further by anyone.

    3. Content Version : this is different from dat of Version which v c while creating a document.

    suppose v attach one file to DIR, and if v edit this file with some changes in it then after saving the file all the changes wont get saved in the original file itself but one more Content Version will be created which will have all changes done.this u can see in Originals tab.

    4. Check In: if u set this option, whenever u save the document and even if u wont checkin the document, automatically all the documents will get checked in but initially u have to do checkin once selecting the storage category and then later whenver u save DIR automatic checkin takes place.

    5. Complete for ECM :if u have linked ur DIR to any engineering change request/orders then whenever ECO gets complete, automatically this indicator will glow to green to indicate that the DIR (attached drawing) is ready for further use.for ex:production

    6. Distr.Lock : this restricts distributing or sending the particular DIR to any other modules/receipients (u cant send this document)

    7. Check In Reqd. : until all the attached documents are checked in storage category no change in the document status can be done.

    Hope this may help u.

    Thank You,


    Pl. reward if useful

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Bhanu,

      Distr. Lock : whenever you are creating any document in DMS, if you have any requirement of sending this document or attachment from this document then you can make do this by activating the workflows but if you wont use workflow functionality then you can achieve this by Document Distribution.

      while distributing u shud take care of Distribution type and Reciepient type

      in distribution type u can mainly see two options, RMA and RML.

      RMA : for distributing attachments

      RML : for distributing documents which serves as reference for the people whom u send.

      while distributing the particular document u need to type all the reciepients name or just create reciepients list having required reciepients name.

      depending upon the distribution type u can distribute documents.

      Complete for ECM : suppose u create a document wrt to some doc type in which the released status has option checked with complete for ECM,

      after creating a document, u need to create ECR/ECO and then enter this ECR/ECO number in the document u created and save then u need to complete the ECO or release the ECO.

      after completing the ECO u need to open the document where it will ask for the revision level (not version level) to be assigned for the particular Document,once revision level assigned and once u finish all the statuses in document, after release u wil find the green status on document itself.

      Thank You,


      Pl. reward if useful.