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Backup and Restore on HANA

Hi All,

Need your inputs , i am running hana 1.0 sps12 on all host now i need to do a backup of a development database abc on host X and restore in test database edf on host Y .

I know all the EDF data,object,procedure,views etc will be overwritten from the content of ABC database but i dont want the roles , privileges and users to be overwritten on EDF database thought overwritten i need to redo that part alone to revert back to what i had earlier .

I dont want to do export /import as i have 70 plus schema in it with 10000+ objects

Please advice

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1 Answer

  • Feb 15, 2018 at 11:28 PM

    If you have not got a well-structured set of roles and role assignments, this is going to be difficult.

    Since user accounts and the privilege assignments are an integral part of the database, you can have either the ease of backup/restore or the fine-grained control on what objects to import and which to skip.

    Usually, the problem of getting development content into production is covered by the HANA transport mechanisms that you can use for repository objects. In fact, this very ability is the whole reason for using the repository in the first place.

    So, the question here probably is: why haven't you used that?

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    • Hi Lars , Thanks for the quick note, i am a db2 dba just moved to sap hana and we are new team in this new company and I dont have much information of why it has not happend that way in past.

      Between i aggree using transport mechanisms from Dev to Prod but here we use hana as plain hana database where we have our own informatica and power builder using hana .

      We have requirments like refreshing between test to devlopment and from UAT to test and not other way around .

      Any help much appreciated , like script to backup the roles and privilege before restore and apply it after restore or something similar .