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Where is ABAP in "developer" header link?

Oct 26, 2016 at 12:49 PM


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See the screenshot:

If "ABAP" is not a "product" (maybe I must be wrong), well I think maybe ABAP is in "overview" section; but neither it is there.

So... where is it?

I tried "solutions" header, and no, neither it is there.

Yes, I know there is a "community" tag. No, I don't want that. I need the ABAP section... and I'd like to know why is not in "developer" section. :(

abap-developer.png (11.2 kB)
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Check this out, in tutorial section (in developer section), there is not ABAP neither!

Why !? :(


Sorry for this cynical remark, but if you zoom the site to 175% on desktop Chrome, the Menu neatly tucks away into corner and almost doesn't "distract" from enjoying the site anymore :)

sapcommenu.png (20.2 kB)

My friend, open a new question for that, and report it as bug.

Click here:


Zzz ABAP section still missing.

I think ABAP must be dead for the "new SAP" :(

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Osvaldo Lopez Apr 24, 2017 at 06:31 PM

Finally they added the link.

Now its fixed.

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Thomas Fiedler
Oct 27, 2016 at 02:06 PM

NO, the ABAP is not DEAD !!!!



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If ABAP is not "dead", you who are "SAP employee" how you might explain that they forgot to include the section in the "development" sector?

Olga Dolinskaja
Oct 27, 2016 at 02:04 PM

Hi all,

just to provide you the outlook: the ABAP Development will be soon part of Developer section on We are working on it.

Kind Regards, Olga.

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To borrow from Jim Spath - "soon" is not a date.


Not yet.

I began to suspect that ABAP was removed for some reason and not because they simply "forgot it".


Just to put my two cents in.

Going forward ( what I feel ) SAP has made the UI ( can say SAP UX ) a different development entity and Backend ( i.e. using SAP Gateway ) a different development entity.

ABAP Would be needed in Back end part only. ( for filling Gateway Structures )

For UX we would be having NON ABAP based UI Frameworks like UI5.



Jelena Perfiljeva
Oct 26, 2016 at 02:44 PM

Good question! I guess now ABAP is officially dead. :) What's even more interesting is that the menu is slightly different: on the home page it has "Products" as in your screenshot, but if you open menu on this page, while viewing the question, it has "Topics" instead of "Products" and a different list:

image.jpg (26.6 kB)
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Yes! They changed that. And make more useful the UX (add borders, and change background).

But... ABAP still disappeared :(


Look this @Jelena, each HTML page are independent.

If you visit this page:

You will see that "developer" section still has got "products" with the old "subsections" (and white background).

So... the interface for new SCN "SAP Community" is not flexible.

OMG, so each section is not dynamic, I think SAP back to stable html pages.

So that neither the header is a html template. I do not want to imagine what will be the maintenance of this website.


There's life in the old dog yet ...


PS: The first SDN (SAP Developers Network), predecessor of SCN, started without ABAP too.


That is to say we have stepped back in time 13 years!

SDN, I think starts in 2003. Check here. =(


Now that screenshot changed again.

But no ABAP link anywhere :(

I keep dreaming ;)


There seems to be a view among certain SAP people, that development means "creating apps". If you're on the very latest releases and on HANA, then it might be true that ABAP simply isn't what you'll use - for that purpose. There's a lot of effort also to try to get and process data from the backend without using ABAP - CDS for example. One major SAP customer has decided not to use CDS because it is simply not fast enough.

Of course, not everyone is developing apps (I personally don't like designing UIs), not everyone is on HANA and not everyone is on the latest releases (for one of my clients I'm developing on 7.31 and for another I'm on 7.40 - but what I create must work on 7.01), and if you're going to interact with ERP modules in any reasonably complex way, you'll have to use ABAP. At TechEd I did two hands on for Fiore - one involved ABAP the other not. The folk running the latter seemed to have little knowledge or understanding of ABAP, and were convinced that it wasn't needed. The former course clearly demonstrated the need for ABAP except for the simplest requirements ( about the level of what ABAP/SAP Query can provide).

I think some SAP people are in a bit of a bubble and don't really know what is going on in the real world. If ABAP isn' still here in ten years time, I'll be extremely surprised.

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Former Member Nov 28, 2016 at 06:05 AM

Is ABAP going to vaish in coming years....

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"coming years" ? sure.....I have been hearing that said every year since about 1998 or the often misquoted words of Mark Twain...

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

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Former Member Jan 05, 2017 at 08:03 AM

I find it difficult to follow ABAP stuff after SDN upgrade.

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SDN upgrade? That was in 2012. Although I only recently renamed the bookmark from "New SDN" to "New SCN", so who am I to judge? :)

About your predicament - see this blog where you can find a spreadsheet where you can find a link to an equivalent to the old ABAP space. Easy-peasy.

Phillip Morgan Oct 26, 2016 at 02:06 PM


I am not sure this is what you want but you can find ABAP development under Community -> Browse the community.

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Yes, I found that. But, that is for "tag" things. Tag q&a, and blogs.

Phillip Morgan Oct 26, 2016 at 03:01 PM

In fact, I do not think SAP think of it as a product. The products are HANA, ERP and other and ABAP is the language used to develop within it and enhance it. (My interpretation...)

Maybe digging deeper on the product side you get to the associated technologies and languages?

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Agree with you.

I think maybe into "Platform and Technology Solutions", there you have this options:

  • Analytics Technology
    Analytics products: SAP Access Control | SAP Assurance and Compliance Software | SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office | SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence | SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards | SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio | SAP BusinessObjects Explorer | SAP Crystal Reports | SAP Crystal Server | SAP Global Trade Services | SAP IT Operations Analytics | SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics | SAP Process Control | SAP Risk Management
  • Application Platform and Infrastructure
    Application and Infrastructure products: Application Platform | Content and Collaboration | Interface Management | Process Management and Integration
  • Data Management
    Data Management products: Big Data on Hadoop | Data Warehousing | Database Management System | Enterprise Information Management
  • IT Management
    IT Management products: IT Infrastructure Management | Application Lifecycle Management
  • Security
    Security products: Identity and Access Management | Application and IT Infrastructure Security

Do you see ABAP somewhere?


"UI Development" is not a product either but it is there in the Developer menu (I can only guess because for SAP it's more important than ABAP).

Maybe I'm off here but one would think that if I'm a developer and I see "Developer" menu right on top then that's where I shall find the path to some webpages covering at least the most important aspects of SAP development. It could have a separate item for "Products" like SDK, for example. And it could have another item for "Topics", such as UI Development, ABAP, etc. I don't really see why not. At least give the developers (remember, we used to have the whole SDN just to ourselves?) something to look at.