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Create a new WEBI report using two measures

Feb 15 at 10:40 AM


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Hello BO experts.

I want to create a report in WEBI as a crosstab.

I have several different measures working over my revenue. These measures are grouped into two groups. The first group of measures filters the revenue based on time and locations filters, and the second group filters the revenue based on others dimensions.

I want to display the crosstab where my time/location dependent measures appear on the horizontal tab (columns) and the other measures in the vertical tab (rows). Thus, each cell should represent the filter of the corresponding row and column. However, webi doesn't allow to do that since I have no dimensions to retrieve data.

Anyone could help me?


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Can you please share the screenshot..

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2 Answers

Feb 15 at 11:39 AM

You can drag the revenue filtered object in the body and manual change the title above.But i did not understand what are you going to do with only two measure objects in Cross tab.If you have two measure objects only and no dimension then you can simply display in the table format.

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In here I just dispalyed two measures but I have much more.

And I need to display the titles in both horizontal and vertical panes.

To use a vertical table, I was thinking in doing something like this:

- create a dimension using case statement. For example for CN Real Mensal ->Case when (my requirements, for example, COMPANY='2000') then 'CN real Mensal'.

- Hold my measure ' Ano N Real Mensal'.

- Then in WEBI, drag the dimension and the table.

The problem here is that for the dimension, if my data doesn't have any '2000' company, this won't appear in the report.


To use cross tab ideally you need tow dimension and one measure object.e.g your have three objects Country ,Years and revenue.In that country/Year columns should be in the Columns & Rows part and measure object in the body so that you will get the split view of revenue by country and years.

Coming to the point where company code values are not present like 2000 in that case add one query with only company code object only.In this query you will get all the company codes.Merge the company codes from query 1 & 2 and then create the condition on merged object.After that even if there is no value for company code 2000 still users can see in the table/crosstab

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Former Member Feb 15 at 11:27 AM


Attached you find two images. First one my query panel where I have displayed my two measures. 'CN Real Mensal' filters my revenue by company and 'Ano N Real Mensal' filters my revenue based on time, and other dimensions untitled-picture.png. The other image is the crosstab display where 'CN Real Mensal' is on the horizontal tab and 'Ano N Real Mensal' on the vertical tab untitled-picture1.png. As you can see, my headers display the revenue filtered. What I want to do is that my headers display the title of the measure, and the body displays the revenue filtered by company (provided by horizontal tab) and by time and others (provided by vertical).

Do you know how can I do this?

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