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Curreny Translation

Hello Everybody ,

We have already implemented SEM-BCS. The reporting with SAP SEM-BCS permits only an evaluation on BU level. Therefore, it was decided to develop a MIS-reporting based on SAP BW.

The MIS-reporting shall be used by all Legal Entities already using (SAP R/3). The following reports will be implemented:

ð Balance Sheet

ð P&L (profit & lost)

All the reports are supposed to be very flexibly according to the reporting requirements of the controllers. Therefore, the reports will provide report views based on a combination of segment, BU, Profit centers and Legal Entities.

We are using the same infoobjects from SEM-BCS for our MIS data Model which will also act as data stream for BCS afterwardsl. The datasource is providing just local currency but we want to have a group currency as well. Following is my doubts

How we can do the currency translation to get values in group currency ?Can we use settings done in our SEM-BCS to get GC in our MIS model.Is that possible?? Or we need to create a seprate SEM-BCS databasis for MIS Curreny translation....

Cant we go for normal currency translation for MIS reporting rather going for BCS logic??

How can we achive GC for our MIS reporitng

Thanks in advance

Waiting for your kind replies


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2 Answers

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    Jul 03, 2008 at 03:42 AM

    Hi Atul,

    I quess that MIS stands for Management Information System, right?

    I'll describe shortly the typical situation I met many times already.

    The central BW-instance of the holding is loaded with the data of its companies (many views, dimensions, profit centers, BU etc.). Reports generated on this basis (B/S & P&L of the companies, different operational management reports, budget appropriation etc. -- most likely everything in local currency) are used by FinController and his/her folks for controlling the life of the separate parts of the holding and checking the consistency of data.

    This is data as they were submitted (and modified if aneeded) by the companies.

    Having been checked (and cleansed) this data is coming to the staging cube in BW. This cube is used by SEM-BCS for reading data from datastream. As Dan mentioned, in BCS you may set up the currency translation and get consolidated reports in GC.

    Management reports might be built upon both, original data BW cube, and virtual totals BCS cube. Everything depends on the nature of reports: some of them supposed to be consolidated, some - not.

    Moreover, non-consolidated reports you may generate in GC using different methods for currency translation provided by BW.

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    • Ok, Dan. I really appreciate it very much.

      I'm leaving this thread in order not to burden it very much with (off-top?) themes.

      But be ready to answer some more questions regarding the issue.

      Thanks again!

  • Jul 02, 2008 at 09:51 PM

    If BCS is already implemented I suggest you use standard translation method in BCS and execute this for group currency.

    After the translation is complete, as well as any other consolidation tasks, the data from BCS may be datamarted (see previous forum posting regarding SAP whitepapers for BCS datamart). The BCS datamart may then be a source for the reporting.

    The other alternative may be viable, but I am not as familiar with it as Eugene is.

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