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Compatibility BW 7.5 SP10 with BO 4.2

Feb 15 at 10:00 AM


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Hello Experts,

I would like know, if BW 7.5 SP10 is compatible with BO 4.2 SP3?

According to note 2411518 the latest BW version (7.5 SP 10 currently) should be compatible with BO 4.2 SP3 (screen1), BUT according to the PAM within the note (page 20) BO 4.2 SP5 is the mininimum version für BW 7.5 SP10 (screen2).

Can someone resolve this contradiction?

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screen2.png (204.9 kB)
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Jason Everly
Feb 15 at 02:58 PM

The kba is correct (it literally just repeats what the PAM states) and the PAM is correct. It is just confusing depending on how you look at it.

Instead of thinking in terms of BW, you need to be looking at it in terms of BI.

If I am on x version of BI, what is the lowest SPS on 7.5 do I need to be on to be supported. All BW 7.5 SPS versions higher than the one listed are also supported.

If you are using BW 7.5 then:

If you are on BI 4.2 SP5 you have to be on BW 7.5 SPS 10 or newer as no lower SPS of BW 7.5 is supported.

The kba and PAM both list the minimum version of 7.5 that you must be on to be supported on various version of BI and all higher SPS versions are also supported.

7.5 SPS 10 is supported for all versions of 4.2.


PS The chart is utterly confusing and needs to be reworked. Dev knows this and are working to fix it.

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Yes, that's it. Using the term "BI" for BusinessObjects is a little bit confusing for someone who is permanently working with BW.


Hello Jason,

there was an update today (Feb.28, 2018) in note 2411518. And this update makes me crazy. SAP seems to be very confused now:

What is the truth? Is there someone at SAP knowing that?

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Ertugrul Öztürk

I have no idea why they changed that KBA, the PAM has not changed.

It still says that the Latest BW Version is supported with all BI 4.2 versions.

I will look into it, thanks for letting me know.


Tammy Powlas
Feb 15 at 10:30 AM

Hello - usually I do not check these types of things; most of the time BI4.2x tools (for me at least) appear to work against any BW version.

The last bullet also says "the latest BW 7.5 releases are supported for all the above mentioned BI versions" - so my interpretation is that it should work.

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Ertugrul Öztürk Feb 15 at 10:55 AM

Hello Tammy, the assumption is it should work. But how do we interpret the slide with the matrix?

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I agree, it is contradictory, but the last footnote 6 says "latest BW versions is supported with all BI4.2" - not sure what that last column means. If no one replies here, I will ask SAP in person at a conference next week.

Ertugrul Öztürk Feb 15 at 01:33 PM

Hello Dennis,

tanks for your remark. As you can imagine this question is not just a "nice to know" thing rather an quite urgent matter. I can't understand why SAP publishes such a contradictionary information. The note should be maintained to provide clarification. (meanwhile we were opening an incident)

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Apparently I have comprehension issues and can't read PAM well.
So I have deleted my incorrect statement.
Sorry for the confusion my answer might have caused.