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Jul 02, 2008 at 07:33 PM




I am in the need to join two internal tables with has tables joins in it. The two sets of internal tables are for eg:- it_sel and it_sel1 and the first internal table has a table vbkd which has fplnr and the second internal table which has a table fplt has this realtion between then , ie. vbkd-fplnr = fplt-fplnr. I want to join thses two internal tables and extarct the records without missing out anything in it, I mean even if it doses not ahve avalue it should show a blank . the first iternal table has vbak, vbpa and vbkd in it and the second one has fplt and fpla tables in it. I just want to comine both to show my report output .

Can anyone help me out plz.