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Assign a default value to column in flowgraph

Feb 15 at 09:20 AM


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I need to assign a default value to a column in the flowgraph.I used map operation transform to assign the value in the mapping tab as shown below.

when I try to execute the flowgraph it throws an error as shown below.

Could you please suggest to resolve the issue?



4bwct.png (9.7 kB)
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1 Answer

Jeff Kresse
Feb 15 at 03:30 PM

Hi Pallavi,

I think you probably want to use the HANA IFNULL() function. The function returns the first non-null value in its list, so put the mapped column first, and have a default value follow it in the list. Your mapping should look something like this:


You said there is some kind of error, but I don't see any error message in the post. Can you share the error text?

Jeff K

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your quick response. I have tried with the option mentioned but encountered with the same error. May be the error is in any other part of flowgraph I am not sure. Please find the error snapshot and suggest to proceed further.




error.jpg (33.7 kB)

The error comes from an ELSE somewhere in the design of the flowgraph. I don't see any ELSE in your first screenshot so it must be another mapping.