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Jul 02, 2008 at 05:26 AM




I need to fetch following fields in BADI ORDER_SAVE. Which is triggered when interaction record is saved or end on WEB CLIENT.

Unique Reference (Interaction Record) ID

Model Type (Water, Wasterwater) - Activity Reason derived

Event Condition (Contact Category)

Reason (Contact Reason)

EventNotes: Date, Type, Text (Interaction Record Text date,

type and content)

Location Id (Functional Location ID)

Contact Name (Customer Name) -> Concatenation of First and

Second name

Contact Type (Communciation Method)

ContactMediumAddress (Phone Number, Email ID used)


I tried with CRM_ORDER_READ but Execution is not returning back to badi because some CX_SY..... exception is not handled in standard.

As i am new to CRM i dont know whether this is allowed in BADI or is there any other method to fetch this details. Please suggest

Thanks in Advance

Ripal Patel