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Jul 01, 2008 at 03:11 PM

Question on using EJB model


Hi all!

We are working on a project on NetWeaver CE using JPA Entities and EJBs as our model and there is something we don't know whether or not we are doing something wrong.

This is our scenario; we have the following DC projects.

1. DC containing the JPA Entities required for the application.

2. DC containing an EJB that implements all the business logic and uses the JPA Entities defined.

3. DC containing a WebDynpro project that uses the EJB defined. In this project we imported the EJB and Entities required as models and create a node for the methods using model binding.

Our question show up when we start testing our project and got a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch. Trying to figure out how to solve this problem we change the EJB method signature.

The method had the following signature,

public List<OrdenFabricacion> buscarOrdenesPendientesTerminar (String lote, Seccion seccion) throws LoteNoValidoException; Where Seccion is one of the entities defined.

And we change it for,

public List<OrdenFabricacion> buscarOrdenesPendientesTerminar (String lote, Object seccionParm) throws LoteNoValidoException;

Are we doing something wrong? or there is a limitation on WebDynpro that we canu2019t use the JPA Entities as parameter on the EJB methods and just use primitive data types.

Hope someone can help us with this.