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Message priortization in SAP PI

Feb 15 at 03:58 AM


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hi Folks,

I just went through the message prioritization functionality provided by SAP as per the below:

I have around 180MB data flowing through my PI(7.5) system on daily basis and total time it takes is 1.5hrs in processing.

Suppose I want to prioritize 30MB data amongst those.

Can you estimate approximately how much time can I save in processing my data using this functionality.

Let me know for further information and clarifications.

Your response to this would be really valuable.



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Pavan Dogiparthy Feb 16 at 08:56 AM

Hi Aishvar,

Want to understand are you receiving 180MB for single interface or its total size processed in a single day?

Using Message prioritization you can prioritize interfaces by keeping the priority such as high,low.

Refer this link



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Thanks for the link Pawan, it was useful.

180 MB data is for all the interfaces.

And as I could see the data for a day in performance monitor, I saw very critical data is having an average delay of 10-15 millesecond per message.

And in total I have around 3000 of such messages

There are also some critical/medium low data.

But most probably I would be testing on very critical and critical data.I need to check for critical data stats.

Please also tell me the delay we see for dispatcher queue in detailed message processing time logs(Performance monitor), can it be avoided by using the message prioritization??

If yes, then will it completely reduce the delay for high priority messaging rules?

Your Response would be higly appreciated.





If you want exactly monitor how many messages processed per sec you can use WilyIntroscope tool check with your basis team for the same

I believe 10-15 msec for single message to get processed is more than expected,what is your expected time and count of message processed per sec.

Please refer below link for performance tuning

All these 3000 messages processed at same time?After observation from wily still if you feel that processing time is more. You should tune the messages by observing the root cause of delay of yours specific interface design.

Message Prioritization is designed to avoid high priority messages getting stuck due to a backlog of other messages on the same node.If for one individual adapter type all the worker threads are occupied (at a given node), prioritization takes place.



Aishvar Keshari Feb 15 at 06:39 PM

Please let me know if need more clarity on this

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