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ABAP on HANA custom code remediation - before upgrade


Is it advisable or even allowed to actually start the custom ABAP code remediation for the HANA database, before the actual migration? i.e on the source system. This is especially in the case when all reported hits from FUNCTIONAL_DB are implicit sort based.

I have seen SAP reccomend to start this process after the upgrade. But in the interest of saving time , is it okay to do this upfront?



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  • I'm wondering where you have seen that recommendation. In fact you have to do the adjustments before you do the upgrade to avoid functional errors when you have migrated to HANA.

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    Hi Florian,

    What I mean to say is - its as a part of the upgrade project but after the administrator / basis has brought the system(Dev environment) up again onto the HANA database.These changes are then transported to QAS and eventually production



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    Feb 20, 2018 at 09:16 AM

    As Jelena already mentioned, necessary code-changes for HANA DB can be done prior to the actual migration/upgrade as the HANA-ready code will already work on the existing system (unless the ABAP version is not current enough for some of the constructs). We had to make the decision of when best to apply the code-changes last year as we had an update to HANA DB planned. As we also did an upgrade to NW 7.50 with EHP8 at the same time it was decided to do - and especially test! - everything in one go. This meant that in our case we updated the system to HANA DB first and then had the needed changes applied to the code. But, it would have been an option to do the code changes earlier.

    Hope this helps!



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  • Feb 19, 2018 at 06:33 PM

    "I have seen SAP recommend" - could you share a link for this? I'm not sure if you may have been misinformed or if you might mean something different by "remediation". All the TechEd sessions I've been to this year urged not to wait for HANA. In fact, what is perceived as "HANA prep" has been the best practice for over 10 years already.

    Also there might be some confusion as to what "upgrade" means here. Depending on where you starting point is, the "upgrade" might involve the changes not in just DB but ABAP version. So if you don't have, say, ABAP 7.4 or higher right now it simply won't be feasible to use the tools available in that version.

    In general, it's never too late or too early to "remediate" ABAP code to bring it in line with the current best practices. It should've been an ongoing process all alone.

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    • I believe the blog simply implied that after the migration to HANA more tools will become available, so you'll be able to make other changes, if necessary. But I already had some information before reading, so my interpretation could be different.

      If you'd like to get a clarification regarding a blog content, the best way is to post a comment in the blog and ask the author what they meant. It might be not just you and then the author can make changes in the blog to make it clear.

      If your question has been answered then kindly close it (see this blog). Thank you.