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SAP Predictive Analytics Tools

What are the feature differences when we develop the predictive analytics in

1.SAP Business Objects predictive analytics


2.SAP Analytics Cloud for Predictive analysis

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2 Answers

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    Feb 19, 2018 at 08:31 AM

    Hello, this is a good question. SAP Predictive Analytics makes it possible to create and use predictive models for many different types of use. SAP Analytics Cloud for Predictive Analytics primary intention is to help the BI or the Planning user with predictive insights tailored for his specific work context. Obviously this depends on data made available in SAP Analytics Cloud. Kind regards Antoine

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    • Hi,

      my opinion is the following:

      1. Analytics Cloud is very much for 'light touch', user-driven insights. it's calling basic predictive services on the sap cloud platform, and surfaces them in a simple to use, consumer-grade interface.

      2. Predictive Analytics allows both the creation of automated and/or advanced predictive model-creation - by citizen data scientists - including the embedding of model into business applications. It offers both a desktop client and, optionally, a server deployment to productionize the model.

      3. finally, lucky customers who are in the position to benefit from HANA DB and those Predictive Libraries installed in HANA Platform are in the best position. this is where the most advanced data scientist use-cases are implemented and where true 'heavy lifting' and processing can happen.

      actually, under the covers, the predictive and ML foundations are moreless the same. it's the architectural stacks which are different. 1) is considered 'bronze' in terms of capabilities 2) is considered 'silver' 3) is definitely 'gold' standard. however, 2) is archaic in terms of technology stacks, so the future is a combination of 1) and 3)

      regards, H

  • Feb 20, 2018 at 10:02 AM

    Neeraja, in the future please avoid double-posting as it creates noise & confusion. I refer to the other question here: One question should correspond only to one thread. Thanks for the understanding.

    Henry, I think there is not a so clear distinction between 2 and 3 as SAP Predictive Analytics can delegate processing to SAP HANA. So 2) is gold as well IMHO :-)

    Kind regards


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