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CNMASS respective parent WBS's are also getting changed

Feb 19 at 06:55 AM


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Dear All,

I am changing one filed in one specific WBS but this change is getting saved in that specific WBS as well as its all its respective parent level WBS's also. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem. I just want system to make changes in specific WBS which has been put in input screen not its any other parent level WBS.

Request you to provide assistance on that & reply .

Thank You

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3 Answers

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Maria Terence Feb 20 at 11:40 AM


In CNMASS, click on DB project change icon, uncheck the Superior Object in the right top and try to change the data.

Also uncheck on Incl. Hierarchy for restrict updating child WBS element.



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Former Member

Dear Maria,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Solution achieved through your mentioned steps.

Appreciate your kind response.

Many Thanks

Ken Melching
Feb 19 at 07:20 PM

Why are you using CNMASS to change one WBS, use CJ20N. You problem statement is not detailed enough for members to help you. Please be more detailed, include screenshots, and steps you have taken to solve the problem.

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Former Member Feb 20 at 04:10 AM

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your respond.

Problem is, there are around 90 WBS (out of 250) for which field key is to be changed. Rather manually, I have been trying to use CNMASS. What I understand the CNMASS behavior is if we change any parameter of one WBS then system changes the same parameter for its respective all parent WBS's also. Second if this could not be achieved through CJ20N because system in this we need to select one WBS and we can change the parameters for this and it’s all child level WBS. Here in my case WBS are belonging to various different level under different parents.

Below screen shot of CNMASS, I passed 2 different WBS to change the filed key in both specific WBS only. But system is changing the same field key in below both WBS as well as its respective all parent level WBS. How to get rid of this problem? Please suggest.

Many thanks to ken and others also.

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