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Error UseOneAsMany - Too few values in the first queue

Feb 16 at 10:12 AM


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Hello all,

I have been facing one consistent mapping error for a target field as:

MessageMappingException; Runtime exception when processing target-field mapping /ns0:Transmission/ns0:TransmissionBody/ns0:GLogXMLElement/ns0:Release/ns0:ReleaseLine/ns0:Refnum; root message: Exception:[ Too few values in the first queue in function useOneAsMany. It must have the same number of contexts as the second queue] in class method useOneAsMany[[Ljava.lang.String;@70c973d0, [Ljava.lang.String;@4f90b677, [Ljava.lang.String;@11af2452,,]

Error says that the context value of first and second fields should be same which is satisfied from the payload i use. The first and second field has one context each, still it shows error

Regarding system details: SAP PI 7.5

Thanks & Regards,

Somesh Mohan

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Please find attached screenshots.

Also, correction in System details: I am using SAP 7.4

mapping-img1.jpg (16.4 kB)
mapping-img2.jpg (61.5 kB)
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1 Answer

Jan Holakovsky Feb 28 at 11:02 AM


I think this error happens, when the 3rd argument is missing. Can you check with mapping test or submit the data for which you have the error in XML format as it is in PI?

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Hello Jan,

Thank you for your valuable response. My issue got resolved.

Problem was with the missing field data generated from SAP.

Thanks & Regards,