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Restore Sybase database from Windows file system backup only lost all windows and db users

Feb 14 at 10:28 PM


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Our sap server with sybase database has crashed and the db backs are also infected.

we only have windows file system backup and now we were able to build a new server with restore the file system all the sap binaries and database file structure and datafile are available however now the concern is how can we restore the SAP instance and db with the file system backup. All the sidadm and sysbase users and registry is missing in the new system.

Kindly suggest.

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2 Answers

Bret Halford
Feb 16 at 01:50 PM

I don't have any experience with doing this sort of restore on Windows, and no knowledge of the SAP client running on ASE. However, for this sort of situation on a UNIX system, generally all you would have to do is restore the filesystem backup and boot ASE. On Windows, to restore registry entries, I'd guess that you might have to reinstall the ASE software. You can presumably download from SAP the same patch you were running on before this event and run the installer after restoring the file system and tell it to install in the same place. This would likely restore all the registry entries created by an initial install.

Try that and see if you can at least get ASE booted, we can then try working out what needs to be done to resolve any finer-detailed issues.


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Tilman Model-Bosch
Mar 09 at 08:06 AM

I think you can install a completely new SAP system using SAPINST. Make sure DB layout is exactly the same as the original one.

Once it is up an running replace the new device files of ASE with those of the file system backup.

Hopt this helps


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