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Crystal Reports Running Extremly Slow

Feb 14 at 08:15 PM


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I have a report on crystal report enterprise which is running extremely slow. On Enterprise Crystal reports Viewer(designer) itself it takes 10-15 mins to show up, on web console throwing error request processing error. How to improve performance of report.

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Mohammed Imran Alam Feb 14 at 08:35 PM

The best way to measure the report performance is to first extract the query which is being generated by Crystal engine and run it against database.

Go to Database --> Show SQL Query, copy the query you have there and then run against the database. The amount of time the query takes to run in database should be similar to the amount the report takes to display on.

If the report is taking significant large amount of time than what you notice when running the SQL behind it, there is something wrong you are doing in the design of the report.

If the query itself takes lot of time, then find a way to tune the query against the DB first, maybe use indexes, do a explain plan and see if you could cut down the time.

Also, the amount of records the query is reading should be similar to amount of the records you are displaying on the report. In some cases, you cannot have this perfect scenario, but you should always strive hard to design your reports to read the records which are needed.

There are many other options you could try but I will first try these and based on those answers, will move ahead for any further steps..

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so I took query from CR viewer and added where clause (the same which I have interactive parameter filter) it runs on DB less than 1 second.

I expecting crystal reports run query on database with where clause based on my interactive parameter filter.


What is the version of Crystal reports you are using and if that condition of interactive viewer is not automatically showing up in query crystal generated, there is something wrong in the design of the report.

Are you using standalone CR Designer or embedded CR ?


SAP Crystal Report for Enterprise

it is a standalone reports viewer.


You should be adding the filter in the Query panel then. Best way to do it is to read on the parameters/prompts and filtering in Crystal reports for enterprise and see if that helps on having filtering done on the server instead of doing it locally after reading the entire dataset...


No i am not using Query Panel ( i assume you are refering to SQL command), these are interactive Filters. This report is migrated from Crystal Reports XI to enterprise Crystal reports. On old Crystal Reports XI the same report works very fast only in enterprise it is not working.


any sugestions


Query panel I was referring is not the old 'SQL Command' datasource but the panel where the selected objects and filters are present in CR. If you could go to Database expert, maybe you will see the Query panel.

I haven't done any migration of traditional CR to CR for Enterprise yet. If you could attach the rpt files of both versions, maybe I could take a look and troubleshoot.