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Combine formula to read as text - multiple queries involved HELP

Feb 18 at 05:31 AM


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I have formula below to help me identity actual and PY. I need budget piece inclusive and am trying to modify formula to reference the budget.

=If(substr(userresponse(enter.....) = right(year); actual;PY.

I am able to identify actual and prior year with above formula. My budget is pulled into report from another query with similar userresponse prompt and because my budget is actual. The formula is picking it up as actual too.

I need help to,identify budget data as budget. How do l modify the formula to reference budget as budget. I have an object with key word *Bag* that, l believe can help single,out,the budget do l get this done using unique identifier? I need formula modified, keeping in mind the merged query.

Thanks much. Really do need this URgently.

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Can you please share the screenshot

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2 Answers

Feb 19 at 01:09 PM

in case of multiple queries create detail variables and associate them with merged object for which you have used in the formula and try.

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Shila Brown Feb 19 at 01:45 PM

Hi Amit - not sure I understand what you saying, please look below. I tried using the AND function to combine below but error. CAn you assist in revising? Will appreciate this, thank you

=If(Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4)<>Right([object];4);"PY" AND (Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4)=Right([object];4) And [object] InList ("Ball";"Not") ; "Bud";"Act"))

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try this.

=If(Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4))<>Right([object];4) then "PY" elseif(Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4))=Right([object];4) And [object] InList ("Ball";"Not") then "Bud" else "Act"

or break your if- else condition in multiples and try if those working or not.

=If(Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4))<>Right([object];4) then "PY"

=if(Substr(UserResponse("object)");5;4))=Right([object];4) And [object] InList ("Ball";"Not") then "Bud"


Hi Amit,

This doesnt fulfil the condition l need. Did you get a chance to look at the screenshot. For,some reason, l get duplicate amount. ThaNks much!!!


Can you please share again with column headings.what is [Object]. If data is sensitive then change some data and share full screenshot