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Feb 18, 2018 at 01:52 AM

Filter not working in chart in SAP analytic for cloud


Hi Experts,

I have created a story in SAP Analytics on cloud on consumption view (2CCFIGLLINEITEMQ0001) . i have created a chart and set 'Amount in company code currency' in measures. But i want to see amount for specific GL account. Hence, I have added filters in the chart on GL but here is the issue. GL account is hierarchy and when i am applying filter on parent node or root node or leaf node , the chart is not considering it in filteration. But when I applyimg filter on GL in flat presentation, the filter works. I need to apply filters on more than 100 GL accounts hence selecting each GL in filters is time consuming. Instead , if i apply filters on hierarchy node it will be lot easier. Could you please help on this and provide solution so that filter on hierarchy node works in Analytic for cloud story.