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Road map for Syclo Agentry Mobile Applications

Dear Team,

I have been working in Syclo Mobile applications for a long time. Its a lovely technology and I enjoy working in Syclo.

Recently I was going through the SAP Mobility Road Maps and I came across Asset Manager . This is newly introduced app which is for IOS platform and developed in Fiori/UI5/OData

This is a replica of Work Manager and the only difference is the technology which is used to develop this application.

My concern is, going ahead what is the future of Syclo Agentry platform?

Is Syclo not going to be used in SAP after 3-4 years. This is not a good news for me as I really like this technology .

Any views on this?

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty

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3 Answers

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    Feb 16, 2018 at 03:22 PM


    Hi. Great question.

    Let me try to answer. The Asset Manager product is the offspring of the SAP Work Manager utilizing the Fiori/Apple iOS SDK/Odata and others. Like all offspring, it will take time to develop to fully replace SAP Work Manager. SAP in general is leading or trending towards to be a full cloud company. This means that SAP Agentry platform is going to be used in the SAP Cloud Platform and this is called: Agentry Cloud Edition (ACE). Literally the On-premise is moving to the cloud. As far as we know right now, there is no known end of maintenance for ACE. So most of your current customization is still in the Agentry Eclipse editor and the only difference is you are publishing it to the Cloud instead of the On-Premise (SMP). This is the path for current users/customers in the next few years (2+ years). Just double check on the license part as it is cloud base (subscription model) - may need to talk to your Account Executive.

    Asset Manager is a pure Fiori type of application utilizing the SAP Cloud Web IDE editor. The deliverable is different and you will need to brand your specific Agentry client for use in it. It is also using the SAP Cloud Platform. You will need to beef up with iOS SDK and/or SAPUI5 libraries and make sure you are good at JavaScripting and OData services. More updates is happening here to make it easier to use as far as I know. Just FYI there is a version of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services Web IDE that is specific to Agentry technology (Agentry built-in it or a form version in it).

    So you have 2 options above. Use the version that best utilize your skillset to be able to serve your customer best. Work Manager though will eventually be phased out in the future once the offspring Asset Manager has the capabilities of Work Manager (Date: TBD).

    I hope this mini information helps out.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Pe
    SAP Product Support

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    • HI Mark,

      Thank you !! Yeah indeed this information is very useful.

      I surely need to upgrade my skills to be suitable for the upcoming technologies.

      Great help. Thanks a lot


      Neha Mahanty

  • Feb 18, 2018 at 03:40 AM

    Allow me to elaboate...

    SAP Asset Manager is based on the SAP Cloud Platform mobile development kit. This is a new platform from SAP that utilizes the standard SAP Cloud Platform mobile services (app update, oData and offline oData, connections, security etc) in conjunction with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS which includes the SAP Fiori for iOS reusable design components.

    It does not utilize any of the existing Agentry components or applications. It utilizes a plugin to SAP Web IDE for the editor and the client is built with the iOS SDK.

    See the following links for more information.

    Mobile Development Kit (formerly SAP Enterprise App Modeler)

    What’s New in the mobile development kit 2.0


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  • Feb 19 at 11:13 AM


    This is clear and matching with UX strategy of SAP.



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