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C4C CPI MRS Integration - No sending of ticket items

Feb 16 at 10:11 AM


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In CPI we implemented the package "SAP Cloud for

Customer Integration with SAP Multiresource Scheduling add on".
In our C4C Tenant we made all the required Settings for CPI - MRS Integration using scope MRS S/4 HANA. Testing the Demand Replication from C4C communication arrangements shows result in CPI.
Now we created a ticket and item in C4C and used "auto dispatch" or "appoiuntment" or "manual" and in no case we can see a reaction in CPI.

How can we trigger sending Demand replication fromm C4C ?

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In Web Service Message Monitoring of C4C i found Application Error:
"CX_PROXY_MAPPING_FAULT:An exception occurred.Mapping failed"
Service Interface:DemandReplicationExternalOut

The application has raised a generic mapping error.
Procedure The error object is in a serialized representation completely available in the according message entry.
In case you cannot resolve the problem with the help of this entry, please forward the ticket to the SAP support under the component as indicated in the error log entry. &How To Save Error Entries& If you want to save one or more error entries (displaying in detail and not summary mode) to your computer for sending it later to your collegues or to SAP Support, just do the following: Mark one or more error entries you want to download Click "Download as XML".
Confirm the pop-up for saving.

CX_PROXY_MAPPING_FAULT Mapping failed SRT_CORE 153 DemandReplicationExternalOut> CO_SCH_DEMAND_REPLIC_OUT 00163E10B4641ED883B134F8A813C3F2 RequestDemandReplicationExternalOut> Sector 1: Consumer Asynchronous Remote 100 14555

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2 Answers

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Shivanand Hangaragi
Feb 21 at 07:45 AM

Dear Bodo,

This error is due to missing ID Mapping or Code List Mapping in your system, however without the detailed error log, i cannot pin-point what is missing exactly.

If you are unable to find and maintain missing mappings, kindly report an incident to SAP.


Shivanand B H

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Bodo Körner Feb 21 at 03:10 PM

The ID mapping was filled.
This solved the problem.

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