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Italy: Periodic VAT Return as of 2017 (RFUMSV00 – FOTV)

Feb 16 at 09:43 AM


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about "Periodic VAT Return" for Italy, I have the following issue:

after note OSS 2470594 and 2519286, the XML file created by FOTV transaction is not correct; the software IVP2017 rejects the file;

the file hasn't the tag "iv:" for each fields; if I modify the XML file entering the tag iv: for each fields, the check by IVP2017 software goes well;

somebody have the same problem ?

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1 Answer

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Feb 19 at 09:11 AM


"this process is currently out of scope, we only cover basic scenario"


Madhu Maddula

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I need of a clarification:

do you mean that "Periodic VAT Return for Italy" is out of SAP scope ? or that the creation of XML file for this process is not covered by basic scenario ?

my question is regarded if we have to manage a custom program to cover the requirement of the customer.

Regards and thanks