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Jun 27, 2008 at 08:01 PM

question on includes..



In LV56UF03, there is a call to the customer function 004 which calls EXIT_SAPLV56U_004. There is an incude there named ZXV56U11.

How to create that include ?

I did as follows:

When i tried to create that thru SE38, i was not able to and constantly got the message, 'Program names ZX ... are reserved for includes of exit function groups'.

what does that mean ?

so in SE80, i chose the function group where i have all my related functions, and selected the include node and choose Create and created this include ZXV56U11. Am I right in doing so ?

please correct me if i am wrong. whats the difference between creating it in se38 and in se80 via a FG ?