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Jun 27, 2008 at 04:35 PM

BOM Dependent Production Storage Locations


Hey Gurus,

We have a situation where we have a material that is a semi finished good (6001107) that is a subassembly of another semi finished good (6001116)

What I am doing is using the production storage location as (31E1). The system is backflushing all (261) components for 6001107 and doing a (101) for the semi finished good (6001107)into the (31E1 production storage location).

For quality reasons, the users here would like to not look for materials in the Storage location 31E1 but would to issue a TR and move the material to 31E2 before they use 6001107 as a component of 6001116.

When availability check is done for production orders for the semi finished good, 6001107, the system is looking to for available stock in 31E1. When we do availability check for production orders for 6001116, it is also looking for available stock for the component 6001107 in 31E1.

The users would like for the availability check for 6001116 to look for available stock for componetn 6001107 in 31E2. I looked in the routing and in the bom and didn't see anyway of changing where the availability check was done on the material and I only noticed one place to populate a production storage location but I didnt' see where there was a place to make it independent of the usage in a bom stucture.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me on how to make 6001107 look at the production storage location 31E1 when we are producing this material as a semi finished good and then look at 31E2 when the material 6001107 is a component of 6001116?