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SAP Mobile Platform compatibility with Service Manager 2.0

Feb 15 at 10:26 PM


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We are trying to upgrade our Agentry 6.0.50 environment to SMP 3.0. I understand that SAP recommends migrating to the latest version of Service Manager (4.4) when upgrading the platform (we are trying to upgrade to SMP

However, we have a heavily customized environment, and currently the business we support does not have the appetite to take on a product upgrade at this time.

Can anyone tell us if it is feasible to simply migrate our Service Manager 2.0 environment over to the SMP 3.0 environment, or is that going to run into too many issues? I understand that there will be major layout issues with the existing screens that need to be considered.

Thanks for your help!

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1 Answer

Akos Grabecz
Feb 20 at 03:21 PM

Hi Michael, you can check it on SAP's product availability matrix (PAM) that with SMP 3.0 only Service Manager 4.4 is supported (search for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, then go to related Related product versions), so the bad thing is that you won't be supported with that scenario. I searched for the Service Manager 2.0 in the Service Marketplace but it looks like that it's not up there anymore. If you really really don't want to upgrade your client and if I were you, I'd to set up a fresh test environment with SMP 3.0 SP13 PL04 and try to use it with Service Manager 2.0 there to see how it works and behaves. You can set the Agentry loggers to Debug level and Enable them to see what is happening exactly, plus the Agentry apps has some more logging functionalities. There might be some add-on issues as well.


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Former Member

Thank you for your reply (looks like I am not getting notifications when someone replies to my post... I need to look into that). We went live with Service Manager in 2011, the good news is we have an application the business is happy with, but the bad news is reimplementation to 4.4 will be a big effort.

I am trying to do just as you suggested, regarding setting up a local environment (which has been troublesome). We used win32 screens exclusively, it looks like we these are being modified automatically to the wpf screens. This will require quite a bit of adjustments it looks like, so this will require quite a bit of testing to see if the application is going to work (proof of concept).... hopefully the extra debugging I will have access to will enable me to identify specific errors that I can get some help with.


You're right with the win32-->wpf change. I forgot to mention it.

Let us know the results so others can see as well if SM 2.2 can work with the current freshest SMP 3.0.