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Jun 27, 2008 at 12:18 PM

Using SEO_METHOD_ACTIVATE with methods implemented from Interface



I'm trying to create a class and activate it using some ABAP code. I began by copying a template class into a new class called ZKMOD_COPY.

Now I want to activate this class. I tried SEO_METHOD_ACTIVATE but all it does is set the flag to 'A' in the table. It doesn't really activate the whole class I see in SE24.

Going through the forums, I came across ABAP Objects (Redirects to main ABAP space) where someone said to call these in order: SEO_ATTRIBUTE_ACTIVATE, SEO_EVENT_ACTIVATE, SEO_METHOD_ACTIVATE, SEO_TYPE_ACTIVATE

Now my class does not contain any attributes, events or types. It contains just one method, so I suppose except SEO_METHOD_ACTIVATE I don't really need the others.

Now this method (called EXIT) is implemented from an Interface IF_RSCNV_EXIT. In the class definition of ZKMOD_COPY, it shows this method by the name IF_RSCNV_EXIT~EXIT.

The problem is that I'm not able to activate this method. I can't figure out what parameters to give in CIFKEYand MTDKEYS

I tried all permutations of "zkmod_copy", "if_rscnv_exit" as classes, "exit" and "if_rscnv_exit~exit" as the methods, but it kept throwing exceptions like not specified or not existing. Debugging the FM also did not give me any clues.

So what I really need is, what parameters should I give there? Alternatively, is there any way I can programmatically activate my class? This may sound a silly question, since I'm a BI guy with not too much ABAP knowledge, but I'd be really grateful if someone could help out with this.