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Feb 15, 2018 at 11:58 AM

Data Management on C4C re. EUGDPR compliance

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Hello team

I have some questions surrounding the Data Privacy Management area of C4C. I am the admin of an instance which is used primarily for Technical Support of a customer facing learning platform. Customers log their issues via front end ticketing system and various generic inboxes. We have both a B2B and B2C logic set up amongst these inboxes so customer data can vary e.g. any customer who contacts us via ticketing system is matched using the DB behind and more personal data is automatically sent to the IMS than a customer who contacts us via generic inbox using B2C)

I have reviewed the various blogs on this topic such as and but still have some points I wish to clarify:

Disclosure / Portability

  • The ability to map / choose fields to be included in a single export report:
    Is there a way export a csv / pdf type report from the Data Privacy Management area where the data fields populated for the given user is available for selection.
    At the moment, the export looks like this:

    If we wanted to added more fields, we are limited to the following:If we wish to disclose further fields of data such as Related to Account / Business Address / Status etc. can this be done?

    Is the CSV the only output available? Customers will have the right to view all data saved on our system on request so we would like to ensure it can be presented in a user friendly manner.

Retention / Removal

  • How to set up Data Retention Period
    In the Personal Data Removal area, I can see that there is an option on the filter for Outside Retention Period:

    Can you please tell me how is this Retention Period set if we do not record country data on all customers ie. Is there a blanket rule that can be set such as ‘Automatically delete all Contacts & Individual Customers Data that has been inactive for 6 years’?

    Is there any documentation for this?

  • Is there a full end-to end How To Process document showing how to fully delete user data from the system?
    I have viewed the video at Is this documented also?


  • As per EUGDPR regulations, users can request that their data can be ‘blocked’ - inaccessible to agents but not fully deleted as the same user can request that the same data be made available again.
    I initially thought that the way to do this would be to deactivate the user but this is not a field that can be updated:

    As a workaround to this, I thought to create an extension field that would flag a user as ‘Blocked’. I would then restrict agents from viewing any data on ‘blocked’ users by amending search filters etc. However I cannot find a way to update the default search filters such as (All) contacts

    Is there a smarter way in the system to restrict ‘blocked’ Contact data to all agents except Admin and EUGDPR Data Officers?

Thank you.

Best Regards