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Does any one know about Dynamic Key fields in pricing field catalog and if we can have more keys

Does any one have any experience about using Dynamic Key Fields in pricing field catalog, we got a requirement to map this for our business logic.

However we are in need of more dynamic keys, can any one help me if we can add more than 3 dynamic keys (3 are already showing up in field catalog).

The reply will Text Removed as extensive search didn't help me any findings on this.

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2 Answers

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    Feb 26, 2018 at 06:39 AM

    As you would know order type is the first input parameter when you create sale order. This being the case, how come the explanation whatever you gave will work ? Material Group, Plant etc., all will come into picture only after keying in, Order type, Sales Area and Sold To. So the validation should be vice versa like based on order types, system should fetch the MRP type and plant etc., for which, pricing catalogue is not required. You can very well achieve via MV45AFZZ user exit.

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  • Feb 15, 2018 at 02:41 PM

    It would have been ideal, had you briefed what is the Business requirement and what exactly you tried based on which, suitable inputs can be shared.

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    • Lakshmipathi,

      The specific requirement is I need to achieve customer required order types , service modes through the combination of four fields ex: plant, customer group, material group , MRP type etc., i want to achieve this through condition technique because for plant/cust.grp/MRP type i will get x,y,z order types. For another combination i will get X,Z order types.

      How can i achieve this....


      1. A,B,C variables i need X,Y result

      2. A,C variables i need X,Y,Z result

      3. A,C,D variables i need W,X,Y & Z result.

      The results should be populated on web UI screens (as dynamic drop down options) based on the selections parameters found as per condition technique. Looks like condition technique and BRF plus are the options. I wanted to achieve this through condition technique (non-pricing way), please help me if you have any clues.

      I heard Dynamic keys in pricing fields might be of some help for this, after getting expert opinions i would like to investigate this further.