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Jun 27, 2008 at 07:46 AM

unicode - container for structures- how?


following problem that this code is working in non-unicode but not in unicode systems:

DATA bla_form type containertable.

  • table containertable contains of 2 fields, 1st is character with length 500,2nd is 'version' with numc length 4

DATA alb_form type xyz_table.

  • table xyz_table contains like 40 field,each different varying from 1 to 60 length and wild mixture of char,int, numc, dats, tims, etc.

bla_form = alb_form.

Of course i getting an error that both tables arent of same type when switching to unicode. unfortunately i dont really think changing bla_form to xyz_table is a good idea because it has so many fields and it is really often used in funtions and methods.

what is the standard way of proceeding here?

best regards,sven

points will be awarded,of course!