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Feb 14, 2018 at 10:19 PM

Unable to save custom attributes in BP_CENTRL to database


Hi Experts,

I have extended the data model with custom attributes, below are the high level steps. however when i enter the value in that field and try to approve my CR. the values are getting lost/vanished -> not saving in database active tables.

  • create data element, domain
  • extend active structures with customer include - kna1, lfa1, cmds*central_data + cmds*central_data_xfield, vmds*central_data + vmds*central_data_xfield.
  • add attribute to data model bp_centrl , activate DM. Adjust staging.
  • generate DM specific structures
  • do mappings. BP_BP_CENTRL_2STA, BP_BP_CENTRL_2API
  • go to genil_model_browser , add in the key structure, attribute strcture.
  • add in UI and test

Is there anything i am missing here.

Thank you, Shaila.