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How to maintained forecasting master data for Automatic reorder point Planning

Feb 14 at 09:49 PM


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Hi All,

My client currently having manual ROP in place and wants to implement Auto reorder point planning, currently they don’t use forecasting so i have to suggest which is better for my client.

I have tested couple of different scenarios and changed forecasting fields and getting new result which I don’t understand. What fields should I maintained to work auto ROP Process works? Below is the master data I set up. I am using a testing materials which has last 12 months or more consumption for material type HIBE & ERSA.

MRP 1:

MRP Type: VM

Reorder : Blank(empty)

Lot size- EX or TB

MRP 2:

Service level - 90%

Safety stock: Blank(empty)


Forecasting model: J

Hist. periods- 12

Forecast periods- 12

Periods per season- blank

Initialization periods- blank

Initialization- X

Tracking limit- 4

Optimization level : F

Parameter optimization checked

Reset automatically checked

Selection procedure- 2 ( I have tried selection procedure 1 and 2 and results are different, I have saw in other treads that selection procedure 2 is better but take longer time) what is the difference between these two selection procedures ?

Execute forecast:

Aut. Model selection

Chose : Forecast model sel. Using procedure 2 ( I also tried the one system choose it self - which way is better ?)

I want to know which fields should I maintained in forecasting master data (standard) to work auto ROP process and If i select forecast model "J" (automatic) and selection procedure 2, should i execute forecast which system is suggesting(system selecting it self? and how I can calculate the results.(basic value, MAD, reorder point and error total)

I have saw other treads but it didn't cleared my question regarding this process to work.

I really appreciate if someone help me out on this process .

Many thanks in advance.

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