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Jun 27, 2008 at 05:19 AM

Pricing Procedure manually


Hello friends,

I was stuck up here.

In my pricing procedure I have to add three taxes and system should give one tax.and system should subtract two discounts from the base price and should give one final amount at each line item level.

Here at my client place, in the order at line item level if

Base price of the product -- 100.00

Material discount -- 5.00

customer discount -- 5.00

Amount -- 90.00

VAT (tax) 4.00

cess 1.00

surcharge 1.00

Tax 6.00

for each line item I have to configure my pricing procedure like above and if suppose for 3 line items

Amount --- 500.00

Tax --- 50.00 it should come at header level and at header level I have to give Header discount and header freight then at header level

amount --- 500.00

cash discount 20.00

Net amount (header level) -


Freight (header level) 10.00

Net Amount 460.00

Tax ( header level) -- 50.00

Turnover Tax(header level) --- 5.00

TAX --- 55.00

at each item level Amount 90.00

TAX 6.00

At Header leve Net amount 460.00

Tax 55.00

All the condition types I have to maintain manaully in My pricing procedure. that is the client requirement.How do I configure my Zpricing Procedure.

Please somebody can help me out in this regard.


Seetaram._SD consultant.