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What is the difference between MM01 and IE01?

Feb 14 at 03:18 PM


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I would like to create a stock for my spares management, including a storage bin

what is the difference between using MM01 and IE01?

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Tom Evans Feb 14 at 04:59 PM


At their most basic functions, MM01 is to Create a Material Master, whereas IE01 is to Create an Equipment Master. Each results in a separate master data object. There is overlap for certain cases with spares, especially Rotables and Repairables, that are serialized. In this case, each serial numbered item is also an Equipment Object. It can be referenced by the Equipment number, or by the Material / Serial Number combination.

For consumable spares, to create stock, use MM01 to Create a Material Master. Most use Material Type ERSA or HIBE for spares. You can use the MRP tabs to establish the stock levels, then run MRP to start the purchasing process.

The Storage Bin is on the Storage Location tab, unless you are using Warehouse Management.

I'm trying to be general and basic, since more detail depends on the version and your system's design. More detail is necessary to have a fully functioning process.


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Thanks for the response,

So if i cannot work with MM01 for some reason, IE01 can be a good alternative?



No. They are different. In order to have stock in a storage bin, you need a Material Master. There are dozens or even hundreds of varying cases, but you need a Material Master. Look at the SAP Help for Material Master here.

Borrowing from PeteA, "Why do you ask?"



Because i cannot use MM01 due to Europian Company rules and i try to find an alternative way.

Thomas Reichardt

you mean these rules are your companies own rules? or do you talk about legal regulations?

If these are your company own rules then I think you have to discuss this question internally. You have to explain them why you need a material master and they will tell you why they don't want it in their process and then you try together to find a solution to meet both requirements or get rid of such rule.


Jürgen is correct. Every company that has stock for Maintenance has found a solution to this question. Options: a) creating materials for you is added to the group that creates them for other uses, b) MM01 is authorized for you, with restrictions on the Material Type, Company Code, Plant, etc. so that you can only create them for your purpose, c) The creation is added to someone else's role with the restrictions.

Start with the reason for the rule, and work from there. Most companies need multiple people involved in providing information for Material Masters, including Purchasing, Finance, and Costing.

Getting Material Masters is just the start. You will then need to bring in the existing stock, set up how you will consume the stock, and set up how you will replenish the stock.

All of this is standard, out-of-the-box, but does require multiple people working to set it up.

Best of Luck,


Peter Atkin Feb 14 at 04:25 PM


  • IE01 is for creating equipment masters
  • MM01 is for creating material masters


Why do you ask?


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