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Jun 27, 2008 at 04:03 AM

Billing document reversal



A reversal for sales docs was carried out in our system. The billing document was reversed using VF11. This was done successfully. Goods movemnent was reversed using VL09. This was also ok. The delivery was then deleted using VL02N and the original sales doc was deleted using VA02. So far so good. Now, when I check the invoice using VF03, the document is still there. Using VF11 to cancel it shows processing status as Incorrect. Error log states that document does not exist. If it doesn't exist then why is it opening in VF11? Document flow for this shows that the delivery document is archived. The invoice is showing as completed and the subsequent accounting document is still showing with a status of cleared.

Incidentally, when the reversal was first carried out we initially tried to reverse the accounting document. The system would not let us do this and gave a message that the doc had not been posted from financial accounting rather it was of type 'Billing document' and to reverse the original document, i.e. the invoice. So this was done, resulting in the current situation. How can this be solved? Please help. Thanks.


PS. I have just checked that the reversal invoice (S1) is still showing as open in the system. When I try to release to accounting it gives a message that automatic clearing of billing document and canc doc. not possible and posting period 004 2008 is not open. Please help.

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