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how to apply filter in sap.ui.table.table?

Feb 14 at 11:38 AM


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I have the sap.ui.table.table when I apply filter on the column the table shows the filtered data.

But when I try to update that, data in the selected index will be different.

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You can refer to the following link which may be help you

Custom sorter and filter in SAPUI5 Table | SCN


Thank you Riya for the link.

But I don't want to write the custom sorter, Default sorter with the table is working fine for me. After applying sort on any of the column table is showing the correct result but the json model which is bound to table is not changed. It still holds all the data.

I want to change the model, so that it contains only filtered data. Is this possible?

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1 Answer

Jun Wu Feb 15 at 12:12 PM

just don't rely on that index

tell me what you want to do

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