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Jun 26, 2008 at 02:56 PM

Problem with File Content Conversion


Hello All,

I am working with file(FCC) to idoc, input file is fixed length file. My File structure is

Record 0.....unbound

Header1 1

Header2 1

Detail_record 0.....unbound

I am using following parameters for FCC

RecordsetStructure :


Record.fieldFixedLenfths : fieldlengths

Record.fieldNames : fieldnames

Record.endseparator : 'nl'

Record.processFieldNames : fromConfiguration

Header1.fIeldFixedLengths : fieldLengths

Header1.fieldNames : fieldnames

Header1.keyFieldValue : H1

Header1.endSeparator : 'nl,

Header1.processFieldNames : fromConfiguration

Header2.fieldFixedLengths : fieldlengths

Header2.fieldNames : fieldNames

Header2.keyFieldValue : H2

Header2.endSeparator : 'nl'

Header2.processFieldNames : fromconfiguraion

Detail_record.fieldFixedLengths : fieldLengths

Detail_record.fieldNames : fieldNames

Detail_record.KeyfieldValue : D

Detail_record.endseparator : 'nl'

Detail_record.processFieldNames :fromConfiguration

My inpufile look like this

CEDI_DC 010 2

H100 ford GZ0922-01

H2 12340

D107 56743


I configared correctely fieldnames, fieldlengths, documentname, documentnamespace,recordsetname, recordsetstrucre,recordsetsequece, I think i done something wrong in my FCC configuration. file is unable to pic by sender adapter. How can i check error. How to resolve this problem. Please can anybody helpme out from this problem.