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Incoherent UI Design?

Oct 26, 2016 at 08:43 AM


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Is this a wanted feature or just a little incoherency in the UI design?

If I enter the tag I'm following, even filtering for question, I do not see the Karma counter

If then I enter a question and from there I click on the corresponding tag... the karma counter appears.

It's absolutely a minor issue, but it looks a bit incoherent to me.
And yes, i'm aware that with the steps in the 2nd image i'm under "questions and answers" instead the "whole" tag.

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2.png (79.4 kB)
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I'll probably be fixing the "Karma points" counter "issues" using AdBlock :)


Uh? And how? I'm using AdBlock too.

Maybe i'm blocking something? Again, not that i care about Karma points or whatever but it looks a bit of incoherent the UI design :)


By trying to disable it everywhere I see it :) It's "distracting" me and "doubts" and "questions" start creeping up in my mind when I notice how the value seems to be going back and forth...

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Audrey Stevenson
Oct 30, 2016 at 10:33 PM

Hi Simone,

Karma credits apply ONLY to the Q&A section, which is why the display is limited to those pages only.



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Ok, i got it, but it's still a bit incoherent because i'm sure i'm getting karma points by discussions in Coffee Corner (which are not questions!).

Anyway, thanks for the answer (and i know the flu striking me in these days is due the curses you at SAP are throwing me :p ).


Lol get well soon .. that was funny and yes I agree you are the brand ambassador of all those not happy with the new community !!