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Jun 26, 2008 at 09:04 AM

Trv Mgmt


In travel management, when i give cash advance to employee(these postings are automatic postings)

Cash Advance a/c DR

To Vendor a/c CR

Vendor a/c DR

To Bank a/c CR

(when he gets the cash )

Now my client wants to dun the vendor if he doesnt reimburse the cash advance. So how can i dun the vendor in this case since while getting the cash itself the vendor a/c gets knocked off. How can i do this?

2. These postings are utomatic postings lyk we have thru OBYC. Is there a possiblity to use Spl. G/L in automatic postings? say for example can we use spl g/l indicator for OBYC auto postings?

This is my scenario, plz help me by giving suggestions on how to do this?

Its very very Urgent

I hope u all will help me.