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SAPUI5 with both backend (HANA xsodata and Gateway Services)

Feb 14 at 03:16 PM


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Hello, I have some doubts about my scenario.


We are running a few SAPUI5 apps just using Gateway Services, and connecting through oData to SAP ERP. Some of the queries started to run slowly and we decided to try to get the data from HANA DB (because it should be much faster).

So our need is transform all the GET requests from Gateway to HANA Views.

The question I'm asking is about the procedure for accessing HANA Views from SAP Gateway.

Our first thinking was about CDS Views, but we aren't sure if we later could include filters (necessary in our scenario), and the power and the ease of use of the HANA Modelling views is an advantage to point first on HANA views.

So which should be the best option (or which are the differences) between this three options?

Thanks in advance.

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Florian Pfeffer
Feb 14 at 08:18 PM

If you have already a calculation view on HANA, why you do not just expose it as OData service on HANA and consume it directly (you can configure your Web Dispatcher to do that). As the official documentation says ... with that you have not additional development overhead + no additional increased latency by routing the service through the NW stack.


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Hi Florian, I was thinking on that to keep simple the idea but the possible log-in issues made me look for another options.

So, as you said, I should just consume my Hana service into my Gateway app. With web dispatcher we could configure that the Gateway app and the HANA oData Service will be under the same domain.

My question is about Log-in issues. Will I need to keep user log-in in gateway and also in HANA? How can I avoid that? I'm thinking about standard transactional apps and analytical apps, first based in GW, second in HANA, but I don't know how they do it, because you just log-in to Launchpad once.

Could I have a look at the official documentation that you told before?

Really appreciated for your help.


There are different sources available on, for instance Setup of SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP HANA XS