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Where are the values for Item Discount (Purchase Order) in the Repository Explorer ?

Feb 14 at 09:59 AM


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I need your help. Where are the values for "Manual Discount" in the Repository Explorer. I debugged PurchaseOrder/Item/PriceCalculationItem but it doesn´t show any values.

Thanks for your Help

Viet Duc Vu

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Lewis Peters Feb 15 at 02:41 PM


What you're looking for is the PriceComponent node --- the name 'Manual Discount' is just a type of price component. Specifically, in the PurchaseOrder BO, you're probably (although I've not checked) after PurchaseOrder.Item.PriceCalculationItem.OperationalItemPriceComponent.


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Thank you Lewis, I found it! I´m new to BYD programming and

I have a few other questions that I hope you can help me. When you release a Sales Order BYD creates a "Customer Demand". I´m looking for "Execution Start Date". I already found it in the BO SupplyPlanningRequirement but I can´t use it in my programming because it´s in another Deployment Unit. Sales Order-CRM and SupplyPlanningRequirement-SupplyChainControl.

My Questions are:

Is "Execution Start Date" also in the BO Sales Order? If yes, where is it?

How can I find out where which Item is without debugging? It takes a lot of time for me to debug ...

How can I use an information from a Deployment Unit in another Deployment Unit? Is It possible ?

Best regards

Viet Duc


Customer demand, in the back end, is actually the CustomerRequirement BO --- look there, you might have more luck. As for reading from other deployment units, that's easy. In the script, as long as you use the right import statement (you can see what to import per BO in the repository explorer --- as an example, the Account BO requires the statement 'import AP.FO.BusinessPartner.Global;'), you can query or retrieve from any BO and read data. Writing data is much more restricted, however.


Hello Lewis, thanks for your reply.

Actually im programming in BO Sales Order-CRM and I need to "write data". :(


Customer demand is generated from the sales order, so I'd be surprised if you need to write anything; when we've needed to add extension fields to customer demand, for example, we add them on the sales order and extend the field to the customer demand.