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Enterprise Services and Proxy

Feb 14 at 07:50 AM


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A SAP Enterprise Service and a SAP PO ABAP Proxy are different things aren't they ?

Is this true below >?

  • SAP PO ABAP Proxy created in the SAP PO ESR and then generated via SAP ERP SPROXY transaction
  • a SAP Enterprise Service is SAP provided content that is on the SAP ERP server and accessed via SOAMANAGER transaction. And so SAP Enterprise Services must be exposed on the SAP ERP server so that SAP PO can consume them?

I want to send a standard Purchase Order from SAP ECC to another system. An IDOC will 100% work out of the box - no ABAP coding effort required on my part. Not sure if an Enterprise Service will be in the same boat.

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Luke Allen Feb 14 at 09:50 AM

You can think of the 2 being similar:


Create data type/message type/service interface in ESR

In ECC use SPROXY trans to create a class based on the ESR design

write ABAP code in the class

SAP Enterprise Service

SAP delivers prewritten classes you can see in SPROXY

From SAP support downloads can download the associated ESR objects and import into PI/PO ESR

Can then call from PI as you would for proxy objects using XI adapter or the newer SOAP XI adapter

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So if there is no Enterprise Service that suits - I assume you can enhance them.... does this mean copy them and add in your components.?

I was looking at the GDT-Catalog_2012-03-01.pdf - this is 16,000+ pages long. It also seem impossible to find an individual components that might be suitable. Is there a easier searchable way that you know of?


Not done any enhancements as yet myself but the following guide talks you through it

In terms of finding ones to use used to be the place to go, but this was taken down at the end of last year, some documentation on (search for enterprise services)

or if you download and import the ESR content can see all the available services and message formats. Spent the last few days myself trying to find something as good as the old site, happy to hear of better ways if you find any...


Thankyou. I will let you know.


Out of the box it seems that the Enterprise Services that are loaded into SAP PO ESR and then seen exposed in the SAP ECC SPROXY are only ready to go for inbound messages (SAP PO to ECC). The outbound messages come with no ABAP code to actually fill them or guidelines on what if any classes/BAPIs etc that need to be coded together with ABAP to make them useful. Unlike an outbound IDOC that is useful out of the box and ready to go.

Seems that SAP have only done half the job here - I would need an ABAPer to spend weeks of coding effort to achieve the same result that an IDOC already does - or am I missing something here.?