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Jun 26, 2008 at 05:46 AM

currency field problem


hi there

am working on smartforms cheque printing am displaying xblnr beside to tht sgtxt next regup-dmbtr in the footer am displaying the sum of dmbtr

after tht am taking tht dmbtr and using spell amount am converting it to words and displaying it beside tht i had to display the amount in cheque like ***12,12,000.99

so am using this piece of code

data : num type i.

data : v_char1(15) VALUE 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX'.

v_char = g_dmbtr.

num = strlen( v_char ).

num = 15 - num.

CONCATENATE : v_char1+0(num) v_char into v_char.

its working but the problem is in my total its displaying as

12,12,000.99 but in the cheque its displaying as


the seperators are missing because of the conversion

how to handle it plase let me know in detail