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Jun 26, 2008 at 05:05 AM

Controlling the application tool bar.



I created 2 custom transactions in which I am controlling the items on the application tool-bar depending on the mode of the transaction. The ABAP statement that I am using 2 to control the buttons on the toolbar is: -

SET PF-STATUS c_pf_status_1000 EXCLUDING lt_fcode. (Here, c_pf_status is a constant contain the GUI status name and LT_FCODE is the name of the internal table contains items that need to be disabled).

This statement is generating 2 different results in the 2 transactions. In the first transaction, the buttons specified in LT_FCODE get disabled (but are still visible). In the second transaction, the buttons specified in LT_FCODE become invisible. Why is this happening?